A Project by order of
mObServe GmbH
Abeggstra├če 19
65193 Wiesbaden

in cooperation with
match2blue GmbH
Leutragraben 1 
07743 Jena

App112 is the first intelligent security app for smartphones, with which users in an emergency can call for help through speech activation. App112 is made for everyone afraid of being alone on its way.

Innovative functionality for maximum security:

App112 is running on the smartphone completely in the background.

If the users gets in danger, he simply shouts a predefined help code (e.g. "Help, help"). Neither does he have to open the app, nor hold the phone in his hands. Even if the phone is in the pants pocket or in the back bag, highly advanced signal processing makes sure that the distress signal gets identified even against various noise sources.

If the fully automated audio surveillance of App112 recognizes an emergency call, it connects the user to a central call center available 24 hours a day.

The call center employee is able to activate the loudspeakers in order to communicate with the user or scare an aggressor.

In addition, he sees the current position of the user as well as every released information like name, age, gender, etc. given by the user.

He fetches appropriate help and informs the user about it.

In case the user isn't responding, the call center employee is able to listen to the last 30 seconds before the emergency call, in order to reconstruct an accident or circumstances of a crime.

With this method, highest decision quality and target-oriented help is possible.