Simon - Job

Following fields of application would be reasonable for the open source speech recognition software "Simon" in the domain of jobwise rehabilitation for motor and speech impaired people:

  1. Utilization of the application package basic autonomy for communication, calculations etc.
  2. Bundle of scenarios for jobwise required software

Because "Simon" is an open source speech recognition software, it would be essential to develop a bundle of scenarios specifically for students for the control of jobwise required software, in order to provide severly disabled persons with access to the same software normal people use. Simon scenarios would have to be developed for practical usage, like

  • Verbal control of accounting software
  • Verbal control of class systems
  • Verbal control of warehouse management and other organisation- and management systems
  • Etc.

  1. Workshops for the affected people, job assistants and employers could ease the occupational integration of the affected person and the jobwise adaption. (See Workshops)