Simon School

In the educational domain, following fields of application are reasonable for the open source speech recognition software "Simon" for motor and speech impaired people:

  1. Utilization of the application package basic autonomy for communication and calculations etc.
  2. Bundle of scenarios for courseware

Because "Simon" is an open source speech recognition software, it would be essential to develop a bundle of scenarios specifically for students for the control of courseware, in order to provide severly disabled students with access to the same process of learning like normal students. First scenarios were already developed for the practical use, like

  • Verbal control of Budenberg
  • Verbal control of Lilo 1
  • Verbal control of Dasher – writing program for severly disabled people
  • Etc.

  1. Workshops for students, parents and teachers for the practical utilization and adaption of Simon for the usage for various ages (see Workshops)
  2. Simon as foundation for the development of rudimentary dictation for severly disabled students (see Study Simon Listens)

Based on the knowledge that years of training of motor impaired students rarely results in the ability to write with their hand, it would be reasonable in such a case to develop pedagogical methods based on the skill to dictate every recorded word and allocate it to the correct type face. With this method, motor and speech impaired children could be able to perform at least minimal written communication.