Application package - basic autonomy

Target audience

The target audience are severe physically disabled people, which are either not able to use the mouse or only with huge issues.

Simon is also usable for people with cognitive and linguistic deficits, because it only works with the language of the affected person and the created usage definitions require practically no computer knowledge.

Linguistic and cognitive requirements
The user needs to be able to consciously articulate various words and/or sound constellations.

Knowledge of numbers
An additional requirement is the conscious differentiation of 0 to 9 and/or allocation of sound constellations.

Practical Functions

Besides the control of the mouse through a desktop grid, following functions are individually adjustable.

With a few freely selectable words from everyday speech like "right", "left", "up", "down", "Ok", "stop", etc. it is possible to access your own music, slideshows, movies, TV and radio station.

Daily reading of newspapers and the selection of other internet addresses is easy and straightforward. Through the entering of numbers, every link of a website can be selected using the numbers-plug-in.

Through numbers, predefined email-addresses can be selected, essential questions can be asked and information about yourself can be send using freely expandable text blocks.

It's easy to establish a phone connection to relatives and friends around the world under utilization of skype or another VoIP solution.

The application package will be complemented with a verbally controllable calculator, suitable for calculations and also for pedagogical operations, which means the possibility to display, insert and print the calculations.

Furthermore with a verbally controllable keyboard, which should be used to dictate passwords, TAN, recurring user data etc. Also, it can be steered through numbers, but also words.