Simon Micro

Your smartphone, or any other supported device, can be used to control Simon commands and robots. Download the Simon Micro application from the android market to your device.

In order to use the Simon Micro application as wireless microphone, your smartphone and simon computer have to be on the same network.


  • Make sure that you have android 3.0 or higher installed on your smartphone or touch device.
  • You can find the current version of android under “Setting” > “Telephone-info” > “Software information”

Step 1: Peparation for Simon Open Source Speech recognition on your PC or notebook

  1. The first step requires adjusting some settings in Simon Listens. Go to “Settings” > “Recognition” and then “Configure Server”. Make sure that there are no settings  checked.

2. Note your username and password. (Look at the screen above)
3. Open the taskbar, type in “cmd” and press enter. As soon as the shell opens, type in “ipconfig” and press enter again. There should appear several IP addresses.
4. Note the IP-Address of your computer.

Step 2: Preparation of your smartphone or tablet as remote-microphone

1. Install Simon Micro on your smartphone or tablet from the android market.

2. Preparation of the network connection:

a. Insert your username and password in the required field (See Chapter 1)

Insert your IP Address of your Simon computer in the required field. The port, timeout and settings of the thresholds are already set in Simon.

Step 3: Utilization of Simon Micro

1. Verify that the Open Source Speech Recognition Software Simon on your computer is active and the recognition is working.

2. Interconnect Simon Micro with the Speech Recognition Software Simon by pressing the „Connect“ button. 

3. After connection, following menu appears:

a. Activate Button: After pressing the Activate button, the speech recognition is enabled, and you can send voice commands to the open source speech recognition software Simon, who will perform the pre-configured commands, depending on the Simon scenario.

b. Push Button: By pressing the push button, the voice recognition is active until the button is released. You can send individual commands to Simon without the voice recognition being constantly active. This is mainly for the control of applications such as music and videos, which do cause acoustic signals that could interfere with the speech recognition, an advantage.

c. Disconnect Button: By pressing the Disconnect button, the connection between Simon Micro and the speech recognition software Simon is interrupted.